Tax Preparation

We offer the convenience of filing your taxes from the comfort of your home. This allows you to submit your returns securely online. We offer a personalized customer experience, vacation vouchers, and referral fees, and you’ll always get your maximum refund. Guaranteed!!

√Personal Tax Preparation

√Small Business Tax Preparation

√IRS Audit Protection

√Amended Returns 

Business Structure

The most important step in starting a business is making sure your business structure is set up properly. Proper documentation & filings ensures that you are compliant with your state. 

Give your business the right foundation by obtaining a professional email, website, & business address/ phone.


Business Credit

Business credit is the ability for your business to make purchases and pay later. After a few months of consistent purchases & on time payments your business will generate a credit score.

The credit rating for your business allows you to obtain loans, & purchase business vehicles & equipment. During this process you will build business relationships with companies we use every day or plan to use.


Business Funding

Business funding for start-ups is obtaining capital to cover all or some business expenses. Funding for established businesses are; business loans and lines of credit.

Other funding sources are grants and crowd. We ensure that your business foundation is set up in order to acquire any type of business funding.